Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Erika vs. The Scale

The scale and I have had a hate-hate relationship since I can remember.  I don't weigh myself and have avoided owning a scale for at least a decade.  Even at my smallest, a size zero, medical charts deemed me heavy for my height and suggested that I lose at least 15lbs to come in line with my proper height and weight. 

As I grew older and the number continued to rise I realized that for me it's not about the numbers on the scale, but the number of my clothing.  How I felt more than how much I weighed became my mantra.  Still, every time I went for a physical (the last one being six years ago)  I'd have to climb on the scale and read the number.  It was never pretty.

So it's been six years since I stepped on a scale and I was perfectly content with not knowing what it read...until the other day when I accidentally stepped on a dog scale at work.  I was so shocked by the number that two things immediately rushed into my head:

1.This is why I don't fucking own a scale
2.Is this even right or is this what I weigh in "dog"

I planned on being completely transparent, but sharing that number is a bit much.  It's been flashing in my head since last Thursday when it happened and I've been doing everything in my power to try and let it go.  Maybe if I accidentally step on it again in a few months and it says something reasonable I'll share but for now you'll get this number with the real number hidden, like a puzzle.



  1. I weigh myself often but when I go to the doctor's office I ask them not to tell me my weight. So far, they haven't. It just messes with my head since scales are diffrent, I may be wearing 3 layers of clothes, shoes, etc.

    Now I'm curious as to why you have a dog scale at work?

    1. I usually ask them not to tell me either, which they don't. Thank Gd.

      I'm working part time at the Jewish non-profit, started dog walking and work part time at a vet's office while freelancing and figuring out how to go back to school!


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